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Who we are

ConstrucTech Consulting is a construction technology consulting group that helps contractors and subcontractors implement and maximize technology tools that leverage their resources and optimize performance, end to end. We equip teams and drive results for clients with fully integrated and configured software systems.


Our Mission

ConstrucTech Consulting exists to partner with construction companies in order to implement and maximize the technology they need to leverage their resources, improve efficiency, streamline operations, and optimize outcomes for their organization from the inside out. 

Our Vision

We are building the future through construction technology. In a constantly evolving industry, we seek to be at the forefront of every advancement for the benefit of our clients -always delivering the most innovative solutions that drive the best results for their organization.

At ConstrucTech:

  • We are transparent and honest. Trust is the foundation of every relationship. We lead with transparency and integrity, both within our organization and with the organizations we partner with.
  • We build relationships. Our team works well together, constantly pushing each other to improve, and we want to do the same for you. 
  • We are innovative. Every problem has a solution, and we work tirelessly to bring creative solutions to light.
  • We are agile. Change is constant in our industry, and we are always ready to adapt. We are team players that are ready to jump in and help in any way we can. 
  • We Listen and Learn. We never stop learning, both about our industry and about our clients. We share what we know to help you work smarter.
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